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Colleen Marshall

Author of Motivational Interviewing for Leaders in the Helping Professions.
This book is available as a print or e-book.


Motivational Interviewing
And Leadership Consulting

I help individuals or organizations improve their overall impact by implementing Motivational Interviewing and/or enhancing their leadership abilities. Whether you are a large organization looking for implementation guidance or an individual looking to improve your own skills, I am here to help. I have helped many individuals and organization improve their MI skills and leadership abilities.


Team Assessment and Evalutaions

Provide assessments and team review to help teams start with their own development plan. Whether you are looking to enhance your leadership or MI abilities. We will customize the right implementation plan to meet your needs.

Coaching -
Motivational Interviewing or Leadership Development

I work with group or individual coaching sessions focused on skill acquisition and individual training plans.

Training or Speaking Engagements

Training or Speaking topics include: Motivational Interviewing Basic or Advanced, Supervision, Clinical Supervision, Leadership Development, Motivational Interviewing and Leadership

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(951) 303-5440




(951) 303-5440

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